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ISO Certified Liquid Oxygen Plants

Cryogenic Oxygen Plants Manufacturer

Bhartiya Cryogas are the manufacturers & exporters of Cryogenic Oxygen Plants. We manufacture oxygen plants in india and our cryogenic oxygen plants are exported all over the world. These oxygen plants made in India are manufactured with the state of the art technology. A lot of research goes into making all our products whether it is a liquid oxygen plant, nitrous oxide plant or acetylene plant. Our Air Separation Plants and Oxygen Generation Plants, even though made in India, are world class and can match any oxygen plants in the world. Our cryogenic liquid oxygen plants factory is based in Gaziabad, very near Delhi, the Capital of India. In our factory in India we manufacture all kinds of products like oxygen generator, air separation plant, nitrogen plant, nitrogen plants, acetylene plants, oxygen gas filling plant and oxygen manufacturing machines with utmost care and precision. Our research and development facilities are top class and we are ISO certified. We export our equipment to countries all over the world including the United Kingdom or UK.

Oxygen Plants Manufacturer

Cryogenic Oxygen Plants
Capacity range - 20m3/hr to 500m3/hr

Our Oxygen/Nitrogen Plants are available in capacities from 30 to 500m3/Hr suitable for producing industrial and medical oxygen upto 99.9% purity......

Liquid Oxygen Plant India

Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Plants
Capacity range - 20Ltrs/hr to 500Ltrs/hr

We are also manufacturing and supplying cryogenic liquid oxygen plants in as a product mix mode. You can get from 30% upto 100% Liquid oxygen/nitrogen output......

Acetylene Plants

Acetylene Plants
Capacity range - 25cum/hr to 100cum/hr

Our fully automatic Acetylene plants are available in capacities from 25m3/hr to 200m3/Hr. In a Stationary Carbide to Water type Automatic Acetylene.....

Nitrous Oxide Plants

Nitrous Oxide Plants
Capacity range - 8m3/hr to 24m3/hr

Safe and economical, our Nitrous Oxide plants are very safe with an efficient Generation system which reduces power consumption and adds on to safety.....

PSA Oxygen Plants India

PSA Oxygen Plants, PSA Nitrogen Plants
Capacity Range - 5m3/hr-1000m3/hr

We manufacture PSA Oxygen generators for hospital (purity up to 93 - 95%) and Nitrogen generators (purity upto 99.999%) with range (up to 2000m3/hr).....

Low Pressure Oxygen Plants India

Acetylene Plants
Capacity Range - 50m3/hr-1000m3/hr

We have made tremendous progress in the field of manufacturing highest quality Cryogenic Oxygen plants, Nitrogen and Acetylene plants....

Oxygen Factory in India

Bhartiya Cryogas Oxygen factory employs global experts to deliver oxygen plant machines of international quality. These experts are used from project conception to execution as a part of our its policy to promote innovativeness and self sufficiency. The Oxygen Factory has now ventured into design, development, fabrication, erection and commissioning of a wide spectrum of Cryogenic gas/liquid plants viz. oxygen/nitrogen plants, Acetylene plants, Nitrous Oxide plants, CO2 plants etc. Even though our Oxygen Factory is based out of India, the standards we follow are international.

As a result of the international staff and a new approach Bhartiya Cryogas has started to manufacture high quality cryogenic liquid oxygen plants. Bhartiya Cryogas is the only Fabricator of cryogenic/PSA gas/liquid oxygen/nitrogen, hi-tech acetylene CO2 and nitrous oxide plants who has the distinction of being the designer and fabricator that does containerization of the plants and associated equipment at their own factory site to facilitate easy transportation (shipment) followed by deploying their own vastly experienced and qualified engineers to travel to the customer's site and help the customer in the supervision of the complete erection and commissioning of the plant to make sure the Oxygen plant production is worthy and fulfills all the technical specifications, including the capacity/cylinder filling per day, purity etc.

Due to this dedication and follow through of products we are the favorites among oxygen plant suppliers and have always had satisfied clients.

Liquid Oxygen Generation Plant

Model Capacity Purity
Oxygen Nitrogen Oxygen Nitrogen
BO-50L 50Ltrs/hr 200m3/hr 99.6% 96%-99.9%
BO-100L 100Ltrs/hr 300m3/hr 99.6% 96%-99.9%
BO-200L 200Ltrs/hr 800m3/hr 99.6% 96%-99.9%
BO-300L 300Ltrs/hr 1200m3/hr 99.6% 96%-99.9%
BO-500L 500Ltrs/hr 2000m3.hr 99.6% 96%-99.9%

Note:The output of liquid oxygen can be stored in a liquid oxygen tank. Liquid Nitrogen can be available as a by product simultaneously  upto 99.999% (PPM GRADE) purity. The plant is extremely versatile and all the possible product variants are possible you can either  take 100% Liquid oxygen out put or 50% Liquid oxygen output directly into cylinders or 50% Liquid oxygen and 50% Liquid nitrogen.

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